MAIN-TOOL Predictive Maintenance
MAIN-TOOL Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance: Psychics in the engine room

MAIN-TOOL, certified partner of Microsoft, offers predictive maintenance as a future IT solution for maintenance.

Global competition is putting increasing pressure on manufacturing companies. The efficiency of the production facilities must be constantly improved. This means that losses due to downtimes, performance losses and quality defects must be reduced or, if possible, avoided altogether. To achieve this goal, companies have relied on classic forms of maintenance and repair for decades. But the procedures were weak:

The earlier or more frequently maintenance was carried out, the lower the available machine capacity. The machines were only repaired if they were broken. Another form of maintenance is preventive maintenance with maintenance at fixed intervals in order to reduce the risk of failure or condition-based maintenance, in which the actual condition of machines was monitored using conditional monitoring and machines were only serviced when necessary.

Predictive Maintenance determines the optimal time for the maintenance of a machine or production plant by permanently evaluating large amounts of data. The most important prerequisite for the introduction of predictive maintenance is that the machines and systems are equipped with monitoring sensors. Companies that have already worked with conditional monitoring are highly likely to already have a large proportion of the sensors required.

Machine maintenance is in the middle of a new era. Many people are already talking about Maintenance 4.0 and the continuous data analysis gives companies a much more accurate picture of their systems than ever before. This makes it possible to reduce downtimes and maintenance costs.