MAIN-TOOL knows when maintenance really makes sense.

New data, networking, automation and digital customer interfaces pose completely new challenges for maintenance today. MAIN-TOOL helps you to keep an overview despite these increasing complexities, to ensure a high plant availability and thus to increase the efficiency of your maintenance.

MAIN-TOOL knows when maintenance really makes sense.

MAIN-TOOL not only helps you with spare parts management and materials management, equipment management, technical purchasing or contract management. MAIN-TOOL also thinks ahead for you: MAIN-TOOL independently proposes maintenance activities based on comprehensive measurement data. These can be obtained, for example, with IOT (Internet of Things) and suitable sensors.

You’ve probably heard or read about Predictive Maintenance and AI. But do you actually know what this is about? It’s really easy! It is really only about the recognition of data patterns of your equipment. An algorithm derives patterns based on real-time and historical data, which it associates with events that have passed around your facilities, and can therefore tell you precisely what to do to prevent an unwanted event!


You are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV user and would like to find out whether your requirements can be implemented with MAIN-TOOL and evaluate our mobile solutions on your own infrastructure.

You are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner and cannot yet estimate the scope of a MAIN-TOOL project, the general process and the feasibility of various requirements.

For these cases we offer you our MAIN-TOOL Quick Start package, consisting of: