We take your Excel or Access based maintenance solution in payment!

Our initiative should give you the opportunity to use future-oriented, modern software in maintenance.

Read the following study:

Excel is the most widely used maintenance software in the world! Low costs, general availability and user-friendliness are the strengths. Recent research on the use of Excel has shown that at least 91% of the tables examined contained errors that affected the final result by at least 5%! Another study found that one of 20 table cells contained an error. Not very reassuring considering that Excel is used for more than half of all evaluations worldwide.



These observations naturally apply to companies that use an incomplete CMMS solution. Excel is often used to fill these gaps. But companies with a modern and fully integrated ERP application also face the same risks.

In an example company it was discovered by chance that certain production data had not been included in the financial administration for years. As a result, deliveries to customers were not invoiced. They have lost hundreds of thousands of euros. The cause of the problem? A macro in Excel had not copied every row of the table.