Theo Förch GmbH & Co. KG now relies on MAIN-TOOL!

Anyone who fulfils more than 40,000 customer wishes every day needs a lot of quick hands and highly efficient logistics.

To ensure that everything here runs smoothly without compromise, all the wheels must mesh precisely – as in the ultra-modern FÖRCH logistics and distribution centre with its high-tech order picking warehouses. 173,000 containers can be accessed fully automatically at any time. Operating devices guide them to their destination in just a few moments and shortly afterwards one of 80,000 articles lands exactly where it belongs. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. The best technology that serves people and not vice versa. This saves time, nerves and ultimately costs. For us, for all FÖRCH partners and each individual customer.

To ensure that everything continues to run smoothly, the technical team will in future be supported by MAIN-TOOL in all maintenance processes.