Client: Abwasser-Zweckverband Südholstein
Industry: Environment (large sewage treatment plant)


Initial situation:

  • Large sewage treatment plant with 200 km of sewage pipes and 46 pumping and transfer stations
  • Wastewater treatment for more than half a million citizens
  • MAIN-TOOL since 2003

MAIN-TOOl solution:

  • Slow and non-transparent processes
  • High bureaucratic effort
  • Business administration and technology work separately from each other
  • EAM system connected via an interface

added values:

MAIN-TOOL was seamlessly integrated into all commercial areas for maintenance. As a result, technology and business management have grown closer together in terms of work processes. Operations have become faster, more transparent and less bureaucratic.

The Maximo system connected via an interface has been replaced by MAIN-TOOL.