Customer: Avista Oil
Europe and USA
Industry: Industry sector: Oil & Chemicals



AVISTA OIL is one of the leading companies in oil upcycling. Founded in 1951, AVISTA OIL has grown profitably over the past few years and supports its customers along the entire value chain: from the collection and servicing of used oil, through reefining, to the international marketing and distribution of high-quality lubricants and co-products. With its environmentally friendly AVISTA eCO2 recycling concept, AVISTA OIL offers complete solutions for resource-saving lubricant supply and used oil disposal. In addition to the proven certified CO2 reduction, AVISTA industrial oils guarantee cost and efficiency advantages and have health-friendly properties. Under the umbrella of AVISTA OIL AG, a number of subsidiaries and associated companies are bundled which assume all functions from collection & logistics, processing and lubricant production as well as international distribution. AVISTA OIL employs a total of around 700 people at six company locations in Europe and the USA.